We host your Cydia Apps! Contribute to iFoneguide eXperimental.

Got an app, theme, sounds or pictures you want to share with the world, but you don’t have many users in your Cydia repository, or don’t even have a Cydia repository yourself? Contribute to iFoneguide eXperimental!

What is iFoneguide eXperimental? It is our host-program to have your apps, themes and so on hosted in our Cydia repository. In the meantime we have about 500.000 users/month, so every contribution will be seen by a half a million people!

How do I contribute*? Simple. Make your package ready in the known folder architecture of the iPhone OS. For example you got a theme, you need following.

*Packages sent to iFoneguide will be property of iFoneguide.

Create a folder with a name, without spaces, where you put everything in, so for example “MyTheme”. In MyTheme you will put:

You will always need to make the folder DEBIAN. In this folder you put your “control” file, which in short says which package this is, what version, the author, maintainer, icon location and so on. Use this control file as example. In the control are also all dependancies. Your theme will probably be dependable of WinterBoard. So in the “Depends” part you will have to write PackageIdentifier of that particular package. This would look like this:
Depends: winterboard

Now this looks quite easy, but it is NOT the package name. At iFoneguide we use com.ifoneguide.*, so making a package dependable of another package would be:
Depends: com.ifoneguide.*

Want to depend more packages? Simple:
Depends: com.ifoneguide*, winterboard

Do not change the “Maintainer” and “Architecture“. The rest is up to you. The “Package” should always begin with “com.ifoneguide.“, afterwards you can put a short, unique, name at own choice. In the “Depiction” you only have to change the part after /pages/ so for example “http://cydia.ifoneguide.nl/pages/MyThemepage. You always have to let it end on “page”. See the example for more information.

The second thing you will need to add to MyTheme is the appropriate folder architecture. A theme for WinterBoard is always located in /Library/Themes/”YOUR THEME”. So next to your DEBIAN folder you will need to create the folder “Library“. In the Library folder you create “Themes“. Within the Themes you can put your own theme, again in an architecture WinterBoard understands.

Also, see here a screenshot to see the folder architecture:

Next is the packaging. You can send it to me as zip/rar file, but if you really want to speed up the process, you can also create a .deb package. To create a .deb package (which you can also test on your iPhone), you need to do following. Copy your MyTheme folder to the root of your iPhone, so /MyTheme.

Next thing you’ll do is work with terminal. Open up the terminal app on your iPhone and do following (without the #):
# su root

Fill in your root password, which by default is “alpine”.
# cd /
# dpkg-deb -b MyTheme

You can go on your iPhone through SSH and pick the MyTheme.deb, which will be located in the root folder, so /MyTheme.deb and send this .deb package to me. If you want to test this package you can use the command:
# dpkg -i MyTheme.deb

To remove the package, go either in Cydia and remove it as listed or use the command:
# apt-get remove “Package, so probably:
# apt-get remove com.ifoneguide.mytheme

That’s it!

Where do I have to send my contribution? Simple. Send it to the iFoneguide Cydia team.

If you don’t have anything to share, but you grateful use our repository you can also donate us.

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