Rename has been fixed permanently

Many users saw the Rename app finally being hosted in Cydia. But, there was also a drawback. In the beginning it didn’t work at all, after the update to 1.1 it did work, but only half. The update to 2.0 wasn’t working correctly, but this also has been fixed. And with update 2.0 it finally works completely and permanently.

Rename is an app to, just like the name predicts, renames any desired Application and now even App Store apps.

Rename was particularly hosted for one specific package: “biteSMS iReal”. What biteSMS iReal does is give you the opportunity to have your biteSMS app completely integrated in your SpringBoard. If you want to fool someone, or just want biteSMS to be a full replacement without visible SpringBoard changes, you can activate the “iReal” icon within Cydia. However, biteSMS’s name hasn’t changed. That’s where Rename comes in. You can even set your own name, so different languages won’t have English names.

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  1. Sem schreef:

    Leuke app maar werkt niet op fw 2.2 🙁


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